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Mary Angel I Tacan. Fast learner Responsible and hardworking Passionate about teaching.
Bachelor of sience in information technology.
Allyssa Queen Caperlac. Professional licensed teacher. Has an excellent spoken and written English. Has effective organizational, planning, interpersonal and communication skills,Creates curriculum to improve English skills for students.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
1.) profile picture of yourself (attached)
2.) Date of birth (01-21-1986)
3.) Nationality - American
4.) Teaching experience - literally one or two sentences. (I have taught business English and conversation English to Korean students ranging from kindergarten to professionals.)
5.) Hobbies - a list of activities (Movies, nature tours, travel, golf, computer strategy games, american football, basketball, volunteering, mentoring programs

Birthdate: October 26, 1974
Profile picture of yourself. see attachment

ESL / Teaching experience (just a list of experience) I have been teaching for seven years for The United States Air Force. I earned My Master Instructor/ Instructor Certification after two years of teaching. I Love teaching and have returned to college to receive a degree in Adult Education.
Hobbies: (Just a list) Like to shop, sing, cook, and all the activities my children love to do.
Nationality: American
My name is Ted and I just graduated from California State University. My focus of study is Communications and I hope to work in the Human Resources field one day. Some of my hobbies outside of school include basketball, playing the guitar, singing, and watching movies.
I look forward to hearing about all of your personal interests as well. I am thrilled to teach all of you!
Jean Lee
"Hi, my name is Jean and I am a young professional living and working in New York City. I attended NYU's Stern School of Business majoring in Finance and Management and minoring in French. Since then I have worked in investment banking and private equity, and now work in corporate strategy and business development at a large, publicly-traded retail company. In my spare time I love to go see the ballet, and in the winter my favorite pastime is skiing and snowboarding. I look forward to getting to know you as well through great conversations about your personal and professional interests!"
Rachel Arevalo. Online ESL Teacher For 4 years. Offline teacher for a year. Cheerful and considerate with beginner students.
Bachelor of Arts in English.
Hello, My name is Irene Byun and I have an MA degree from Columbia University. Teaching is one of my passions and I believe that my dedication to my students will enable them to not only learn immensely but enjoy the learning process as well. My first teaching experience in 2006 involved teaching English in Korea, and this was my first stepping stone into the world of education. English is considered a common language and serves as a foundation in today's globalization, regardless of age, race or profession. It is amazing that through this program I can still teach and enlighten a student via the internet without the need of a classroom. I look forward to working with people from all over the world with different backgrounds and embarking upon this exciting journey.
Alex Wahl
Plaza de La Raza, California State Theatre Shakespeare.
California State University. (English Language 전공 )
Jay Ann
Open minded and Affectionate, Polite and Approachable.
Open minded and Affectionate, Polite and Approachable.
Jemima Abigail Cruz. Always do her best in everything that she do. Believes that excellence is one wsy to teach success. Patient and loving. Wants her students to enjoy and have fun.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jennifer Bonos. Fast learner Responsible and hardworking Passionate about teaching.
Bachelor of Science in Education Major in English.
Abegail Geco. Has a Professional Licensed Teacher. Has good l in spoken and written English skills for Korean and Japanese students. Responsible for teaching fluency in English language, its pronunciation, diction, vocabulary and well equipped strategy to motivate students to learn English effectively. Is a vibrant & energetic teacher, constantly motivating my students with my teaching methods. "I enjoy teaching & I share my love of English with my students."
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
Emily Tena. I've been teaching English Online for 2 years I'm very patient and dedicatal teacher.
Bachelor of Arts in English.
Vision Science and Biology Major of University
Doctor of optometry
1.) profile picture of yourself - provided
2.) Date of birth - December 28th 1982
3.) Nationality - American Citizen. Passport copy provided.
4.) Teaching experience I taught English to 4th to 8th graders at an English Academy in An-Yang for about one year. I also tutored adults in Hongdae area. I taught speaking, grammar, and writing.
5.) Hobbies - I play the flute and enjoy all kinds of sports. I am into skateboarding lately. I love to travel and experience new cultures.
Becky Tacaisan is a responsible and dedicated person. Love teaching and can handle students of all ages and personalities. Behave,patient and friendly.
Tutor/english1318 English.
Airline Secretarial Management
Teacher/Instructor- Box English Online Tutorial.
Bachelor of Secondary Education, (English)
Joana May Ninal has been a tutor for more than two months. Have taught students of all ages and of different personalities. A well dedicated person. Patient and flexible. A responsible and goal oriented person
Anna Marie Villar. As English has become such an important skill for connecting with the world at large – be it for business, education or pleasure. I am eager to do all I can to support you in reaching your individual goals.
I look forward to discussing your personal aims and coming up with a strategy that will ensure that your English language skills can help you achieve them! Anna Marie Villar has been a tutor for more than three years. Have taught students of all ages and of different personalities. A well dedicated person. Patient and flexible.A responsible and goal oriented person.
Ellen Belo. Has been teaching for 1 and a half years. Teaching is my passion. Hardworking and patient.
Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biological Science
Jessica Cordova. Has been teaching for 3 years. I love kids and I like to learn about different cultures. Teaching is my passion.
Bachelor of Science in Tourism
Claire Gravino.
Collegiate: 2006-2010 : Western Visayas College of Science and Technology Degree : Bachelor of Elementary Education. major in General Education. Has been teaching for 3 years. Enjoys teaching children. Likes knowing and interacting with different people. Online English Tutor. September 2011- June 2012
Jashey Kenn Manuel. Been teaching Koreans for more than a year. Enjoys meeting people and sharing views and opinion. Talkative, friendly and patient.
Culinary Arts.
Sarge Maricor Delgado. Patient and understanding Flexible and patient to the students.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
Leizl Guarino. Has Online ESL teacher for 5 years, Cheerful Patient.
Luz Angellie T. Aumnentado. English an official "Lingua Franca", a means of worldwide communication. I am very much willing to help and support the company for using english as a center of education. A hardworking and dedicated person. Flexible and responsible. Has a good moral character. Can work under minimal supervision. Very much willing to discuss matters about english. Has been a private tutor for more than 1 year. Have taught students with different ages and personalities. My course is Bachelor in Elementary Education major in General Education
Bachelor of Science Tourism Major in Hotel and Restaurant Management.
I'm Renalyn Sardo Nogra.I was a call center agent before. This is my second job. I wanted to explore more about tutorials that’s why I decided to apply in this company. I love teaching because aside from the knowledge that I can share to my students, I am learning too.
Course : Associate in Information Technology.
Training : - Finishing Course for Call Center Agents NCII. (Philippine Call Center Institute)
Jeziel "Jezzy" Joaquin has been a tutor for one year, she was a Customer Service Representative on SPI Global for two months. She can deal on American lifestyles and habits. She's good in speaking and interaction when it comes to various topics. She's a good listener with wits.
A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English.
Online and Man-to- man tutor for one year.
Trainer/ Yon Peng Language Center 2011-May 2012.
I've been teaching English for more than 5 years. I teach Vocabulary, Reading, Idioms, Speaking, Conversation, Pronunciation, Listening, and basic Grammar. I love teaching, and I'm patient and reliable.
Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Marketing.
I started teaching English for Japanese and Korean students last year.Its either online or Man to Man. For me,In order to be proficienct in English,you need to have an ability to speak, read and write in English. To be considered as truly proficient, you should have an advanced skill in this. We know that English is the universal language, to communicate to those people in other countries; you have to speak in English so they will understand what you are saying. As an English tutor,I'm looking forward to build familiarity, friendship and to collaborate with other countries especially to their cultures as well.
Bachelor of English
Clarisse Joy Oton has been a tutor for a year.
Have handled & taught students of different ages and of different characters.
A well committed, determined and enthusiastic person. Patient, witty, and flexible.
Personal home-based tutorial service.
Service Crew at McDonald’s Iloilo City
Personal home-based tutorial service. Service Crew at McDonald’s Iloilo City
Do you desire to be globally competetive when it comes to communication? Don't settle for mastering your native language alone.. Be an english expert and that will lead you in reaching your goal.

Hi, Im ELLA. I am a consistent declamation champion since grade school until college; I have been an English declamation and oration trainer for 3 years; a former call center agent; and an experienced disk jockey (DJ)of an official University Radio Station
English language is important source of connecting people. I'ts the way through we share our ideas and thoughts with others. Many people think that it is very difficult and confusing.But I suggest them to start and learn only for a week and they will feel easy with English. Believe me, it is fun learning and it can be learned easily. Jeferlyn Nualan is a patient and full of ethusiasm person. Had an experienced in facing different personalities and responsible person.A very approachable, passionate, and flexible person.
Career: Bachelor of Elementary Education.
Major: General Education.
Good in speaking and writing English. Fluent in English language-pronunciation, diction, vocabulary and well equipped strategy to motivate students to learn English effectively.
Bachelor of Science Nursing
Good in speaking and writing English. Fluent in English language-pronunciation, diction, vocabulary and well equipped strategy to motivate students to learn English effectively.
Bachelor of Secondary Education.
Scarlet Mae Bondesto. Has been teaching English as Second Language online/offline to Korean students for almost 4 years. Dedicated to work, has passion in teaching. Can handle beginner to advance students.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
Positive thinker Cheerful and considerate especially to new students.
Business administration major in management accounting
Saren Romero. Has been nurturing for 3 years. Loves to share knowledge with positivity and gain new ideas with different people. "A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.
Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Service.
I am CarisaCastillon Soriano. I was born in Iloilo City but was raised in Balasan, Iloilo. I am 21 years of age.
graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. After my 3rd year in college, I went to U.S to have my internship training. I worked at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi for 6months as a Room Attendant, and transferred to Sequoia National Park, Wuksachi Lodge in California wherein I was assigned as a Rooms Inspector. The American people were very friendly and encouraging, so I finished my contract there and returned to the Philippines. I finished my 4th year in college and started to work in Boracay as a Front Office Associate in one of the Henann Group of Resorts. I nurtured my capacity to interact with different kinds of guest’s attitudes and speaking to foreign people. I worked for 1 year and 3 months in Boracay and returned home to Iloilo
Hi! My name is Kay. I'm a writer and a dedicated teacher.
I was an editor-in-chief of our university publication for 2 years. I worked as a customer service representative in a BPO company for 3 months. Now, I chose teaching as my new found passion. I love teaching because I am able to share my knowledge and skills in the English language. I believe that anyone can learn English just be positive and dynamic. I hope to see you in my class. Bachelor of Business Administration major in Financial Management
Joanna Kris Subibi. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. My first ever job after graduation was a tutor. I worked as a camp tutor in CNC Language Center in Punta Villa, Arevalo for almost 2 months. Fortunately after my contract in CNC, I was hired as a camp tutor in an academy, Metro Korea International Language School. In both settings, I developed the basic in teaching styles and gain more confidence in handling man to man classes. I also improved my interpersonal skills. I can get along or handle students of all ages. This is my first experience as an on line tutor. I really hope to have my first experience in online tutoring in this company. I am capable of managing multiple tasks simultaneously such as planning, setting, evaluating exams and assignments as well as actively taking part in staff meetings and company’s programs.Possess a positive and effective teaching style with the willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty. I am not a teacher by profession, I am enthusiastic and a committedteacher with natural ability to appreciate and inspire children as well as adults. Moreover, I can dynamically maintained a healthy relationships with all teaching and non-teaching staff members. In addition I am devoted to inculcate model behavior and mannerisms in the students by self-example.